Permit Required?

Permits are required for many activities, especially construction related. Also Pet Tags and Permits for garage/estate sales are required within Terrell Hills city limits. 

Office Location

The permit office is located at City Hall.

Miscellaneous Permits

Garage Sale / Estate Sale Permits

A permit obtained from City Hall is required in order to have a garage sale or estate sale within the Terrell Hills city limits

Sale sign authorized in front yard of residence only.

  • Garage sale permits are $20.00 and cover 2 consecutive days.
  • Estate sale permits are $100.00 and cover 4 consecutive days.
Pet Registration Tags

All pets must be registered with the City of Terrell Hills. In order to register your pet, you must be able to provide proof that the animal has a current rabies vaccination. Upon registration, the city will provide you with a Pet Tag. 

  • Pet Tags for pets without a microchip are $20.00 and good for the lifetime of the pet.
  • Pet Tags for pets with proof of a microchip are free and good for the lifetime of the pet.

Building Permit Guidelines

For building regulations, referring to Chapter 3 (Construction) of the Code of Ordinances may be helpful in determining whether or not a permit is necessary for the construction/remodel work being completed.

Building permit applications are now accepted through the MyGov website. If you are not registered with Terrell Hills please contact city staff at (210) 824-7401. Please note that MyGov logins aren't interconnected with other cities. Make sure the Terrell Hills login is separate from another municipality. If needed, please attach the appropriate checklist(s) (see below) with plans that are scanned through MyGov.

Login to MyGov website

Building Contractors

Do NOT submit an application if you are not sure if you have the job. Once your application is submitted you are responsible for payment. NO REFUNDS or changes will be made to total charges.

Permit Payments

Payments for MyGov permits (cash/check) are only accepted on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 8:00 am and 12:00 pm when permits are issued. All credit card payments must be made through the MyGov website.

Login to MyGov website

Permit Fees

***Effective June 10, 2019***

Building Permit Conferences

Conference hours are by appointment only on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. To schedule an appointment, call (210) 824-7401 at least 24 hours in advance.

Please Note:

  • Permits are NOT considered valid until they have been paid for.
  • Inspections will usually be conducted on normal business days with 24-hour advance notice. Please do NOT call to see if you have passed or failed inspection; it is up to the contractor to look at their inspection slips or check the MyGov website

Residential Design Standards

All plans submitted after August 13, 2007, must comply with the requirements found in the Residential Design Standards found in Chapter 14 of the City Code of Ordinances.

Adopted Building Codes

Zoning Map

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