Vision Statement

Terrell Hills is a premier neighborhood that is unique and multigenerational where neighbors know each other. We like our community and want to maintain its character.

Mission Statement

Terrell Hills is committed to preserving the character of our neighborhood and enhancing the quality of life for our citizens by providing excellent public safety, city services, infrastructure, and administration through sustainable and innovative processes as well as responsible fiscal management.

Goals Presentation

Strategic Goals

  • Limit Debt to 1% of Valuations
  • Continue to Recruit, Develop and Retain an educated, well trained, and highly qualified staff to serve our community
  • Establish Long term Plans for Infrastructure Maintenance with no significant capital investment
  • Continuously evaluate Efficiencies in providing services to our community
  • Maintain a response time to emergencies not to exceed an average of Four minutes
  • Enhance and beautify common areas through landscaping, lighting, minor construction and signage
  • Respond to resident concerns within one business day.
  • Investigate incentives and opportunities for economic development in current non-residential zones
  • Coordinate with Local Area and Regional Governments to develop a community wide drainage and flood protection plan
  • Maintain minimum General Fund Reserve equal to 180 days of operating revenue