• I got a ticket, now what?

    Typically, there are several options to handle a citation. Some citations may require a court appearance. To see a list of basic options that DO NOT require you to go before the Judge in Court, review the Standing Orders on our website. You may also contact the Court Clerk for all available options.
  • How do I get to the Court?

  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    Cash, Check, Money orders, by phone at 888-604-7888 or online payments.
  • Can I make payment arrangements?

    You must contact the Clerk for payment arrangements, on or before your scheduled court appearance. For payment plan options, review Standing Order #10(PDF).

    Payment Plan Request Form
  • Can a trial date be changed over the phone, or do I have to appear in court?

    No, you must appear in person or you can mail or fax in a request.  The request must be made before your court date.
  • Can I request a jury trial?

    Yes, but you must make the request to the Judge on your assigned court date.
  • If I have an active warrant(s) or outstanding violations in the City of Terrell Hills, will I be arrested?

    A person with an active warrant may be arrested at anytime; however, the general practice is not to arrest an individual who is making an effort to resolve an unpaid violation.
  • My driver’s license is about to expire. Can I renew my driver’s license with an outstanding warrant(s)?

    No, the Texas Department of Public Safety will not allow you to renew your driver’s license with outstanding warrant(s).  You must appear at the Municipal Court to make the payment for the outstanding warrant(s).
  • Can I send a friend or relative to pay for my citation?

    No, the Court does not accept payments from relatives or friends of the defendant. The defendant must appear in person.
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