Brush Collection

Brush pick-up services are very important to the residents of Terrell Hills which is why it is our goal to provide service once a week for every residence. We ask each of our residents to please keep the following in mind as you place brush out for pick-up:

Brush Crews start picking up brush on the south side of the city on Monday morning. The Brush Crew then works their way north through the city with the goal of visiting every residence, during the week. Depending of the volume of brush and time of year, the day that the Brush Crew visits your residence MAY change.
  • Please place any brush or trimmings that you do yourself along the front curb line.
  • The removal of a large volume of brush and trimmings exceeding 250 cubic feet in volume shall be the responsibility of the owner.
  • Make sure trimmings do not exceed 6 feet in length or 3 inches in diameter with all lateral branches trimmed.
  • All tree trimming companies and lawn service providers are responsible for hauling off all of their cuttings.
  • Brush will not be picked up from any alley.
  • Seasonal changes or severe weather may cause excess brush/leaves, so collection during those times may take slightly longer.
  • Leaves and brush go to separate landfills and are picked up at different times. Please place each in separate piles.
  • Cactus, agave and palm trunks go to the garbage landfill and fall under Trash Pickup guidelines.

For more information, 210-824-7401

The City appreciates your cooperation!

* Pursuant to City of Terrell Hills Code of Ordinances Chapter 11, Section 11-20

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