Deferred disposition (Article 45.051, C.CP.) holds your case in a pending status for up to 180 days. During the period of deferred disposition you may be required to abide by certain terms and conditions. If you comply with the terms and conditions as set forth by the Judge, your case shall be dismissed and will not be reported as a conviction on your driving record.

To qualify for deferred disposition, you must make a request to the court in person or in writing. To be eligible you MUST meet the following requirements:

  • Sign a waiver of a jury trial and enter a plea of guilty or no contest;
  • Pay special expense fee and court costs;
  • If under age 25, you must take a driving safety course as a condition of deferred disposition;
  • For Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility offenses, you must show proof of valid insurance and driver’s license;
  • For Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug, Penal Code offenses, or if you are a Juvenile you MUST see the Judge in open court to make your request;
  • Any other special conditions as assessed by the Judge.


  • The traffic offense was committed in a construction work maintenance zone when workers were present;
  • A violation of a state law or local ordinance relating to motor vehicle control, other than a parking violation, committed by a person who holds a commercial driver’s license; or held a commercial driver’s license when the offense was committed.

Deferred Disposition Request Form

Affidavit of Compliance Form (To be turned in within 10 days of deferral ending.)

For further information and details on deferred disposition you may refer to Standing Order #13 or contact the Court Clerk.