There are several “Green Spaces” within the City Limits of Terrell Hills. The largest of them is the Crestwood Park and Playground. There are events held at the Crestwood Park for the entire community. Some of the events are an Easter Egg Hunt as well as a Holiday Parade and Pictures with Santa Claus.

Another Green Area is the Esplanade on Geneseo, this is where the Annual July 4th Parade and Celebration takes place. The Parade starts at Ivy and Eldon Rd. the parade ends at the Esplanade on Geneseo where there is a community wide block party and BBQ.

The City also has three other Green areas that allow residents a spot to relax while waiting on a bus or just a spot to take in some shade while on a walk.

  • Wiltshire and North New Braunfels
  • Auburn and Morningside
  • Eventide and Morningside

Crestwood City Park

Terrell Hills city parks