Storm Water Protection

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) issued the new, updated permit for Storm Water in regulated portions of the State on December 13, 2013. The new requirements found within the new permit requires all municipalities in regulated areas to review, update, and apply for a new permit based on providing Best Management Practices with the intent of improving and maintaining water quality.

HDR, Inc. has completed the review and update of our Terrell Hills community Storm Water Management Plan. The City Council reviewed and approved the Draft at the May City Council meeting for submittal to the TCEQ with our new Permit application. As part of that process, we will continue to take input from the community on the plan. Please send any comments to the City Hall or contact the City Manager.

Click the link below to access the latest Draft of the Terrell Hills Storm Water Management Plan:

Public Notice

TPDES General Permit No. TXR040000

Application and Implementation Plan

Terrell Hills Application and Implementation Plan for Small Municipal Separate Storm Water System (MS4)

Links to other resources:


Garbage Collection & Solid Waste

Terrell Hills has it's own solid waste department, and provides residential garbage collection.

Residents have been supportive of recycling efforts, which has reduced the volume of garbage going to the dump.


Think 'safety' when putting garbage out for pickup. Some things that we find helpful are:

  • Heavy 
    Please do not exceed thirty (30) gallons of capacity and the combined weight of the container filled with garbage must not exceed fifty (50) pounds.
  • Sharp Objects
    If a garbage container has something sharp inside, wrap it or box it so it won't cut or stab anyone. If it still seems risky, put “Sharp” on a note in big letters.
  • Too Long
    If an item is sticking out of the garbage container it needs to be cut so it can fit properly.
  • Dogs
    Our city loves dogs, but they can make a mess if they get into your container and spread your garbage around. Using a trash can with a lid goes a long way in keeping Fido out of the trash.
  • Chemicals, Paints, & Poisons
    These things belong in special landfills and must be disposed of properly. They should not be placed in a city garbage container.


Pickup Schedule     Recycling Guidelines     Brush Pickup Guidelines

Pickup Time

To ensure pickup, make sure to have all items out at the curb by 7:00 am on your pickup day.

Pickup Days

Trash and Recycling collection is done in two sectors (see map below):

  • North Terrell Hills: Tuesdays & Fridays
  • South Terrell Hills: Mondays & Thursdays
  • Recycling for ALL on Wednesdays
  • There will be NO collection of ANY kind on City holidays 

Brush Pickup

The City provides brush pickup services. Please review the guidelines here.

Collection Map

To find which sector your home is in, locate your residence on the map below. If the designated zones do not appear on the map shown below, view the map in a separate window.


Trash Pickup Guidelines     Recycling Guidelines     Brush Pickup Guidelines

Terrell Hills recycles

Recycling is collected every Wednesday, except for during weeks that have a Monday or a Wednesday holiday.

Please review the 2019 collection dates here.

What Can Be Recycled?
We Are Recycling

Note: Recycling Bins are available for purchase at City Hall. There are 18-gallon bins available; however, any type of receptacle may be used, as long as the container and it's contents do not weigh more than 50 lbs. The City offers a 18-gallon bin for $14.00.

If you prefer to use your own receptacle for recycling, we have stickers available that may be placed on the container. The stickers are free of charge and may be picked up at City Hall.


Pickup Schedule     Trash Pickup Guidelines     Brush Pickup Guidelines

2020 City Holidays

Wednesday January 1, 2020 New Year's Day observed
Monday January 20, 2020 Martin Luther King Day
Monday February 17, 2020 President's Day
Friday April 10, 2020 Good Friday
Monday May 25, 2020 Memorial Day
Friday July 3, 2020 Independence Day
Monday September 7, 2020 Labor Day
Monday October 12, 2020 Columbus Day
Wednesday November 11, 2020 Veteran's Day
Thursday November 26, 2020 Thanksgiving Day
Friday November 27, 2020 Day after Thanksgiving
Friday December 25, 2020 Christmas Day



Trash & Recycling Pickup Schedule

Brush pick-up services are very important to the residents of Terrell Hills which is why it is our goal to provide service once a week. We ask each of our residents to please keep the following in mind as you place brush out for pick-up:

  • Please place any brush or trimmings that you do yourself along the front curb line.
  • The removal of a large volume of brush and trimmings exceeding 250 cubic feet in volume shall be the responsibility of the owner.
  • Make sure trimmings do not exceed 6 feet in length or 3 inches in diameter with all lateral branches trimmed.  
  • All tree trimming companies and lawn service providers are responsible for hauling off all of their cuttings.
  • Brush will not be picked up from any alley.
  • Seasonal changes or severe weather may cause excess brush/leaves, so collection during those times may take slightly longer.
  • Leaves and brush go to separate landfills and are picked up at different times. Please place each in separate piles.
  • Cactus, agave and palm trunks go to the garbage landfill and fall under Trash Pickup guidelines.
  • There is no exact set day for brush pick-up.

For more information, call 210-824-7401

The City appreciates your cooperation!

* Pursuant to City of Terrell Hills Code of Ordinances Chapter 11, Section 11-20

Pickup Schedule     Trash Pickup Guidelines     Recycling Guidelines

Streets Maintenance

Any trees and shrubs which overhang any part of a public street beyond the curb shall have their canopy raised to a minimum height of 13 feet 6 inches to provide clearance for fire and sanitation trucks. Anyone doing the trimming other than the resident is responsible for hauling off all cuttings.
*Pursuant to City of Terrell Hills Code of Ordinances Chapter 11 Real Property Sec. 11-1 & 11-5.

Alleys Maintenance

Alleys which are not properly trimmed, cut or cleaned are defined as a nuisance and are in violation of Terrell Hills Code of Ordinances Sec. 11-5, Care of Real Estate. Under the ordinances, each property owner has the responsibility for trimming and cleaning to the center of adjacent alleys. This is something that should be done on a regular schedule.

Please make sure that there is not any standing water, overgrowth of weeds, tall grass, building materials and that all limbs are cut back to the property line.

The canopy over the alley should be trimmed to a minimum height of 13 feet 6 inches for clearance of any large vehicles, sanitation and utility trucks.

Brush trimmings are to be placed at the front curb only and anyone other than the resident doing the trimming is responsible for hauling off all cuttings.

Keeping the alleys clean will help prevent injuries or time delays for sanitation and utility workers, it will also help prevent breeding grounds for mosquitos, wasps, rodents or snakes.

CITY HALL (210) 824-7401
FAX (210) 822-2297
Police & Fire Dispatch (210) 824-1009
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm