Have a gate? Get a Knox Box!

Does your property contain a gate across your driveway like the picture below?

safety Knox BoxDid you ever wonder how the fire department would access your property in the event of an emergency? 

The City of Terrell Hills participates in the Knox Box rapid entry system. This allows us to have a non-destructive way to access your property in the event of a fire or medical emergency. The Knox Box rapid entry system is a proprietary key lock system that allows all key boxes and gate lock switches within the City of Terrell Hills to use the same key. The fire department carries this key in a lock box on the 
fire truck. A gate lock or key box can be installed on new or existing gates. We currently have about 15 property owners that have installed a Knox Box on their property.

THFD helmet flamesFor more information please contact Assistant Fire Chief Justin Seibert.